Lincolnshire Pinfolds, Pounds and Pinders



A pinfold or pound is a structure in which stray or trespassing livestock were placed until the fine was paid to a pinder (a manorial or parish official) to release them.  Pinfolds were part of the agricultural scene from medieval times.  There is much confusion, if not ignorance, about pinfolds, pounds and pinders as they have rarely been the focus of research and very little has been written about them.

This study is the result of over 20 years archive research and village visits by the author.  She records the existence and status of pinfolds in Lincolnshire, an agricultural county with a number of surviving pinfolds and the study shows that the pinder, although described as a minor parish official they were often an elderly member of the parish appointed as a pension to prevent them having to go into the workhouse.

The pinfolds identified and recorded here include those at: Alford, Alkborough, Bardney, Barton-on-Humber, Bassingham, Cleethorpes, Ewerby, Goxhill, Horbling, Owston Ferry, Scartho, Scawby, Waddington and Wrangle.

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by Marjorie A Miller


The Society of Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (SLHA)


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