Mystery and Mayhem in Darkest Lincolnshire



Lincolnshire has a great tradition of story-telling and myth-making, reflecting its true character as one of the most mysterious and rural of the English shires.  Stories of saints, demons, wicked men and nocturnal goings-on proliferate, perhaps more than in any other county.

Adrian Gray, a Lincolnshire-born author and historian, has gathered together a collection of the best of the legends and a few other compelling tales that may, or may not, be true.  He has seasoned this rich mix with a few more factual tales of the lost ‘dark arts’ of Lincolnshire life, such as poaching and the use of duck decoys.

These entertaining, informative and often humorous stories broadly reflect the old battles of Light versus Dark in stories of Viking against monks, saints against devils, romantic lovers against wicked parents, with the odd pirate, lustful friar and mad Politician whisked into the mix to provide a potent variety of engaging stories.

Adrian Gray was born in Grantham.  He has a degree in history from Cambridge University and is the author of more than twenty books, including the best-selling Tales of Old Lincolnshire and From Here We Changed the World – both available on this site.

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by Adrian Gray


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