The A-Z of Curious Lincolnshire



The A-Z of Curious Tales from Lincolnshire is filled with hilarious and surprising examples of folklore, eccentrics, historical and literary events, and popular culture from days gone by.  All are taken from Lincolnshire’s tumultuous history.

Here the reader will meet forgers, poets, aristocrats, politicians and some less likely residents of the county, including spring-heeled Jack – whose spectral figure reportedly jumped over Newport Arch – and the appearance of an angel in Gainsborough.  There has always been much more to Lincolnshire than farmlands and seaside towns: this is the county that brought us Lord Tennyson (whose brother was treated at an experimental asylum in the area), John Wesley and, in contrast, William Marwood, the notorious hangman.

NB. Spring-heeled Jack is also mentioned in Little Will and Clink Carrot (available through this site), the story of Little Will as he actually did grow up in Lincoln in the early 20th century.

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by Stephen Wade


The History Press


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