‘Inder-Ends by members of Far-Welter’d



A selection of poems and stories in Linkisheer dialect, presented by Far Welter’d, the East Lincolnshire Dialect Society, with accompanying CD.

Far Welter’d is the phrase used to describe a sheep with a long woolly coat which has rolled over on its back.  Sheep have relatively short legs so find it difficult to right themselves and get back up.  It is important for a shepherd to check his flock every day lest a far welter’d sheep starves or chokes to death.

The phrase is often used as a metaphor – at least in Lincolnshire!  You’re ‘far-welter’d’ if you are in an awkward position and need help to get out of it.  As in ‘Now mayut, y’arve gone and gotten yersen far-welter’d!’

This book has been produced with the support of Lincs Rural Housing Association and East Lindsey District Council.

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