Lest We Forget



The official History and Illustrated souvenir guide for the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at   East Kirkby, in Bomber Command County.  This Centre is a family-run museum, set up over the last twenty years by Fred and Harold Panton, as a memorial to their brother.  Christopher Panton, Pilot Officer, was one of the 55,574 Bomber Command aircrew, who lost their lives during WWII.  It was opened by Marshal of the Airforce, Sir Michael Beetham GCB, CBE, DFC, AFL on 8th July 1989.

“Bomber Command made up just seven per cent of all the military forces fielded by Great Britain and its empire.  Yet it suffered the highest attrition rate of any of the combined branches of the armed forces during World War Two.  For those who took up the call, most were under 25, many who never returned were teenagers who together stood up for freedom, and restored the gift of peace.” 

True words written by Andrew Panton, nephew of Christopher who was one of those who sadly did not return home. 

Please note that this book is a landscape shape but I am only able to display portrait images, presently.  A new, updated website is due to replace this before the end of the year.

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