Footpaths for Fitness: Lincolnshire


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We all want to remain healthy and enjoy a long life.  Exercise plays a vital part – but it doesn’t have to become a trial or chore. 

Walking is one of the best forms of regular exercise.  It is also one of the most enjoyable.  A brisk walk in the open air raises energy levels, burns off calories, and it makes you feel good. Not only that, it’s free! 

This book gives a selection of country walks, all circular, including ones in Norton-Disney, Stamford, Goulceby, Brayford Pool, Spalding, Gibraltar Point and many others.  Matthew Pike also gives directions on how to get to the start of each one, an estimate of the calories used, the type of terrain and distance, recommended refreshment stop and points of interest to be found along the way. 

Author Matthew Pike has spent most of this life in Lincolnshire but recently moved to Nottinghamshire.  Formerly a reporter for the Lincolnshire Echo, he now works for ‘Live for the Outdoors’ and contributes to ‘Country Walking’ magazine and ‘Trail’.    

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by Matthew Pike


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