A Lincolnshire Journey



What is The Lincoln Imp? And how did it come to be on Lincoln Cathedral? There are several versions of the story however all of them share the same basic plot: Satan sent the imp to Lincoln Cathedral to cause trouble. The imp carried out his orders, and began destroying the Angel Choir. When an angel appeared to prevent him causing further mayhem, the imp jumped up onto the pillar and threw rocks at the angel.  In order to put a stop to his mischievousness, the angel turned the little imp to stone.

This charming book, written in verse, takes the reader on a mystery tour around Lincolnshire with the Lincoln Imp as their tour guide.  Characterised by historical and geographical detail, humour, rhyme and rhythm you venture through the chalk wolds, across the bleak fens and salt marshes, from the Humber to the Wash. 

A place where the Corieltauvi tribe, the Roman Ninth Legion, Anglo-Saxons warriors, Viking settlers, Norman Lords and descendants of all of these have lived.  Taking in the trawling industry, railways, churches, windmills and perhaps most poignantly mentioning Lincolnshire’s role as ‘Bomber County’.

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by Stephen Middleton




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