Mrs John Rolfe of Heacham aka Pocahontas



Legend or true life, Disney cartoon or this year’s screen idol, the story of Pocahontas has always been a mystery.  A child of the Algonquian, she enjoyed a serene childhood.  Did she fall in love with Captain John Smith and, if so, why did she marry someone else?  We hope you enjoy our account of the lives of this extraordinary Virginian Indian woman and the Englishman she married, which we have tried to present as close to the truth as possible. An incredible story from the late 16th century, describing the early English settlements in America.

This book is the third in the American Roots in English Soil (ARIES) series to be written with schools.  The project helps school and communities in the East of England to research their links with early American history.  John Haden is a writer, lecturer and independent adviser to schools, and a former headteacher.



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by John Haden and the pupils of Heacham Junior School


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