Memories of the Lincolnshire Fishing Industry



The fishing industry of Lincolnshire is very much part of the county’s heritage.  For centuries sons have followed fathers and grandfathers in the family boats.  From the shallow waters of the Lincolnshire coast and the Wash to the deep, cold waters of the North Sea, they have face danger every time the put to sea.

Michael Sparks of Grimsby recalls, “Sailing home in bad weather our steel bobbins broke loose one morning and the mate sent me and another deckie, Norman, to secure them.  We saw tremendous sea coming at us on the starboard side.  I managed to duck beneath the ship’s rail which meant it went over me at full force but poor Norman was washed over the winch by the wave, badly injuring his back. 

Author Bernard Bale compiled this book to secure the history of local people who make their living from the sea.  He examines the changes that have taken place and using first hand accounts and contemporary photographs, tells the story of fishermen in Lincolnshire, the conditions, the work and the humour.  “To each and every one of them, from skipper to lumper, from owner to apprentice, and their families, thank you”.

You may also like to take a look at The Errand Boy who went to Sea by Verdun Willoughby or Out of Grimsby by Alf May, both real stories from the early part of the 20th century of fishing families – by the people who lived it.

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by Bernard Bale


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