Changing Course: Fishing Trips, Merchant Ships and New Directions



When I grew up in Hull during the 1950s and 60s, the city was a major seaport and home to the largest deep-sea fishing port in the country.

As a 15 year old it was natural that I would wish to chance my luck in this world-famous industry and I left Hull’s Trinity House School and signed on my first trawler as a galley boy – without my parent’s permission.

I soon progressed to become a deckie learner but already realised there were easier and safer ways to earn a living.  Leaving the treacherous and icy, Arctic waters I joined the merchant navy and went in search of more exotic places.

‘Changing Course’ recalls the lifetime of experiences that followed.  From my life as a naive, young sailor, to my time on almost every type of ship imaginable, including tankers, short sea traders, tramps, coasters, ferries and pilot cutters on the Humber, operating from Hull, Grimsby and Spurn Point and finally how the Seafarer’s Education Service, the Open university and some significant individuals assisted me to successfully navigate down a diverse and unexpected career path.

Just one copy left – slight damage to right, bottom corner of the cover – however it has been signed by the author.

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by Bob Addey




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