Ending the Slave Trade with William Wilberforce of Hull


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Who was William Wilberforce and what was his background? Was he responsible for ending the slave trade or did others, including Africans themselves, play an equally important part? Did ending the trade bring an end to slavery itself? These are just some of the questions which this book sets out to answer by telling the story of the man and the campaign he led two hundred years ago.

The team who together produced this book are from St Nicholas Primary school which was founded in 1897 as part of the Newland Homes orphanage, now the Sailors’ Families’ Society.  Its buildings are still on the original site of the charity, near Hull University.  Pupils now come from all over the City of Hull and the surrounding area.

This book is one of many written by schools working with an author as part of the Books with Schools project.  The books are designed to be interesting to visitors to the area and to other schools.  John Haden is a write, journalist, independent adviser to schools and a former Headteacher.

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by John Haden and the Pupils of St Nicholas Primary School, Hull


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