Lincolnshire Murders



The murder cases in this book are a mixture of classic narratives or jealousy, elimination and passion, now retold from new perspectives and with more research.

The author also includes some little-known mysteries: three unsolved murders from across the county, including the killing of the ‘Barton recluse’ and the enigmatic death of a young farmer in Gedney in which the dead man’s dog appeared in court.  In this chronicle of violent deaths and court-room struggles the reader will find a new slant on some of the principal cases, with plenty of social and legal history added to enrich the stories. 

Stephen Wade is a crime historian and has lived in Lincolnshire for over 30 years.  He has investigated the legal context and in some cases interviewed retired police officers to gain a comprehensive new insight into each crime.

Hanged at Lincoln is a powerful and fascinating reappraisal of some of the most brutal and gruesome killings in the county’s history.

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by Stephen Wade


The History Press


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