Brayford Pool: Lincoln’s Waterfront through Time



This eighth volume in the Survey of Lincoln’s booklet series explores the district surrounding one of Lincoln’s best known geographical features, Brayford Pool. In common with other volumes in the series, a wide timescale is covered, with chapters ranging from prehistoric to the early twenty-first century it examines the buildings and other structures within the district. Arguably, since the 1960s, Brayford Pool constitutes the most radically transformed part of Lincoln’s city centre.

This part of the city has changed immeasurably over the years and Brayford Pool itself occupies a considerably smaller area today than in the early days of human settlement. Over the last two centuries with the banks accommodating workshops, maltings, mills and warehouses it has improved from the mid Victorian description in 1870 as “seething, festering, bubbling and emanating a stench.” to the tourist destination it has become today.

The chapters collected here aim to capture the changing face of Brayford Pool, recording its various roles as a centre of trade and industry, a transport hub and most recently a site of leisure and learning.     

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Ed. Andrew Walker


Survey of Lincoln


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