Lincolnshire Airfields in the Second World War

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A detailed account of Lincolnshire’s Airfields during the Second World War. At the height of the second World War, Lincolnshire had no fewer than 46 operational airfields, all but nine built since 1939.

The build up of the RAF air offensive after 1940 and the arrival of squadrons from America, Australia, Canada and Poland, meant that by early in 1945 in Lincolnshire alone, there were several thousand aircraft and 80,000 personnel.

This book describes each of these airfields and details their wartime functions highlighting the many and varied aircraft that compromised the operational units.  Among these are the Lancaster, Manchester, Hampden, Wellington, Hurricane, Spitfire and Beaufighter.

These and the young airmen who flew them made an immense contribution to the final defeat of the Third Reich, as Allied bombers and fighters flew increasingly larger raids across the North Sea and in to the dangerous, smoke-filled skies of occupied Europe.

Patrick Otter’s action-packed book, which contains much new material and many previously unpublished photographs will appeal equally to aviation enthusiasts and to those who remember or have heard about these exciting and terrifying days when the skies over Lincolnshire never ceased to throb with the drone of departing and returning aircraft.

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