Jersey Ghost Stories


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Step away from sunny Jersey’s present day and into the sinister shadows of the past … the island’s history is filled with dark deeds and restless spirits.

There are aspects of Jersey that only the islanders know: the way in which the sea mist can descend so that all sound is killed, enveloping everything like a grey shroud until one cannot see anything further away than a few steps.  A night hill-fog drifts in tatters like lost souls caught in the headlights of cars, dragging fingers across windscreens, forming shapes that driver’s eyes change into figures and faces.  Gorey Castle, a monolithic reminder of the centuries of invasion, a permanent reminder of some of the horrors Jersey holds.

Collected here for the first time are stories that have endured through centuries to chill the blood.  This unique anthology gathers together the most famous tales, such as the Ghost Bride and the White Lady, along with lesser-known tales, such as The Lake and the haunting of Longueville Manor, Erren Michael’s and Noah Goats’ skilful storytelling, along with Ryan Thomas’ detailed illustrations, beautifully combine to relate these haunting tales of murder and vengeance that refuse to be forgotten.

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by Erren Michaels and Noah Goats


The History Press


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