Ruskington: As I Remember It


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John Reed, born in 1937 and raised in Ruskington, Lincolnshire; this charming compilation of childhood memories came about after the author posted many as a Blog in the Internet.  Whilst a random selection of topics are covered the theme certainly describes what it was like to be raised in a quiet country village during, and immediately after, the Second World War.  There are details of various activities such as Plashing and the Blankney Hunt as well as the schools, shops, trades and Ruskington Village itself during this time.  John’s story ends in 1954 when he left to join the Royal Navy though Ruskington remained his home until he married and moved away in 1962.

Some of the comments from his Blog include: ‘A great piece of social history’; ‘I have just finished reading the last of your Blogs, I have to confess with tears in my eyes’; ‘Thanks for the Memories’.

This is a new edition for 2020 with some new stories added and some of the older ones expanded.

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John Reed


John Reed


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