Farmers Group Trading – The Way I Saw It



This is the third book in ‘Harry’ Young’s trilogy, following My 
Lincolnshire Long Ago
and Where Did We Go From Here.  He
recalls events from the 50s and 60s that reflect the difficulties
faced by farmers adapting to the massive changes taking place
in agriculture during that time.  This volume follows the
formation of the initial group Leadon Vale Farmers instigated
by Mr Rhys Thomas after his fact-finding tour of America on
behalf of the National Farmers Union.  On his return he
toured England outlining his belief and other groups including
Red Rose in Lancashire and the White Rose and Palatinate in
Yorkshire were formed.  All this being closely monitored by
the NFU.

A very satisfactory state of affairs continued until a new
general manager, Mr John Sinclair, was appointed.  He attempted
to make arrangements nationally using unqualified
buyers which lost the Company so much money that the
whole enterprise was scrapped.

Sadly the ACT was eventually disbanded and reverted to
becoming a traditional farmers cooperative with members
who earned annual dividends.

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