Channel Island Occupation Review No. 42



No 42 (2014) in the series of WW2 Occupation reviews, features: Escape From Paris – a series of letters translated from French illustrated with numerous photos of Les Fontenelles; Trevor Davenport writes Matthews Sark Party and Alderney. This review looks at the work of the diving and salvage workers (on the Le Maseline’ harbour) in Sark who were from England and Sark but had to work under German control during the Occupation with direction from the Coode company.  In October 1940 a Luftwaffe officer, Zonnigen commandeered the divers’ boat, equipment, divers and crew, closing this work.

In addition to the attempted salvaging of the HENRY Fricke, in Alderney, Matthew’s Sark Party was called to Alderney to inspect the STAFFA which sank at its moorings alongside the quay under rather unusual circumstances in March 1941.

Spitfire Crash at Corblets Bay, Alderney. There are diary entries of William Greenaway who was shot down over Alderney then sent to Cherbourg and ended up as a Prisoner of War in Stalag Luft 111, where the main occupation was escape! This kept so many Germans busy they couldn’t do other tasks.  He was part of (and survived recapture) The Wooden Horse escape and The Great Escape.

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