Channel Island Occupation Review No. 40



No. 40 in the series of WW2 Occupation reviews published annually in turn by Jersey and Guernsey.

This edition’s features include: III Kompanie Fahrrad Zug (or 3rd Cycle Company) was part of the Reserve Grenadier Regiment 584; Bill Amos – pilot shot down over Guernsey;  Did Commandos land in Herm and Jethou in 1942?; Operation Huckaback – a British 62 Commando or Small Scale Raiding Force (SSRF) and No 4 Commando, raid planned in late 1942; Flag raising ceremony in Minquiers 28 May 1945, Ringstande fur Kampfwagenturme in Guernsey (distribution of tank turrets); German Searchlights in Alderney; Casquets/Burhou; Recollections by Werner Kruger, Thunderbolt P-47, SS Madali and SS Lafcomo, Lihou – a Benign Occupation?, Dr Rudolf Wahrendorf, the other Bizerta 305mm guns German Geologists part 4.

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