Channel Island Occupation Review No. 44



No 44 in the series of WW2 Occupation reviews and features include: Franz Hofmann, Organisation Todt, Alderney 1942, by Trevor Davenport. Following receipt of a package containing photographs of his time in Alderney (presumably posthumously) the covering note included the following ‘he recalled his time in Alderney, “with great sympathy and love … the best time of his life.”  Not perhaps the sentiments we have come to expect from members of the Organisation Todt.

The Guernsey Gun Recovery 1995, by Terry O’Brien.  He takes the reader through the story of the raising of the 220mm K532(f) gun from the bottom of an 80m high cliff at Les Landes, Jersey.

Disaster for the Kriegsmarine off Sark, by Simon Hamon,  The M483 Minesweeper (Minensuchboot) was built by the Dutch firm NV Boele’s Scheepswerfen and Machinefabriek in Bolnes, Holland. It was working alongside four other minesweepers, clearing Sark waters when it sank on June 15th 1943 following a double attack by Whirlibombers from 263 Squadron.

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