Raise the White Flag: A life in Occupied Jersey by Donald Journeaux



Donald Journeaux was farming on his home island of Jersey when the Germans invaded the Channels Islands in 1940. During the five years of occupation, life was tough for the islanders, particularly as the Germans became more desperate.

A budding actor and choreographer, Donald set up a theatre school for other hopefuls who wanted to learn acting, singing and ballet.  He produced several highly successful shows to raise the morale of war-torn islanders.

Donald and his wife Irene, took many risks during the occupation, to carry on doing what they loved and to encourage other to do the same.  At one stage he was even arrested, interrogated and imprisoned by the Gestapo.

Living in on the island until shortly after Liberation in 1945, he then went to dance under Dame Marie Rambert.  Later he was to choreograph and appear in professional shows, first in London, and later in Hollywood, where he spent the rest of his career.

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by Donald Journeaux


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