Channel Island Occupation Review No. 29


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No 29 in the series of WW2 Occupation reviews published annually in turn by Jersey and Guernsey.  In this edition the features include:  

The Luftwaffe in Jersey by Michael Ginns MBE; Accidental Tourists: Germany, The Channel Islands, and Espionage, 1940~45 by Mark D. Hull, J.D.; Jail and Escape under the Jackboot by Jenny Chamier Grove;

Notes on a Planned Mutiny of the German Armed Forces in Jersey on 1st May 1945, and on the German Deserter Paul Mülbach by R.W. Le Sueur;

Anti-Tank Walls in Jersey ~ Blessing or Burden? by Michael Ginns, MBE; The Restoration of a Stoewer R 200S Radio Car (Le.Pkw.Kfz.2.fu) by Damien Horn; The End of a Command Post “Battle Group Sea Targets East” as well as Preservation Progress at the Noirmont Command Bunker by Mathew Costard; The Restoration of a “Kerwerk” Bunker by David Letto.

Obituaries: Raymond George Palmer, John Ernest Blampied and Robert Edward (Bob) Satchwell.


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