Channel Island Occupation Review No.27 (1999)


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With the passing of the years, the importance of recording the memories of those who lived through the dark years of the WWII Occupation becomes ever more pressing and, in this Review, we include pieces from various contributors on the subjects of:

‘The Little Commandant of Sark’ by Richard Heaume; Doris Theurkauf visited Guernsey in 1996 to find out a little of her father’s war service.  Little did she expect to find her father’s travelling trunk in the Occupation Museum! In March 1942 he and his company had been moved to Sark, where he became the InselKommandant.

‘British Coasters under the Swastika’ by Dave Hocquard. After the Germans landed in the Channel Islands in mid 1940, they immediately requisitioned the Jersey tug The Duke of Normandy and the Guernsey Staffa using them to carry troops, civilians, fuel and other supplies to and from France. 

‘Operation Tunnel’, A Survivor’s reminiscence. This was devised to seach for, and destroy, the German Naval Transport vessel, Mnsterland, suspected of carrying vital military supplies for the armies of the Reich.

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