Channel Island Occupation Review No. 45 (2017)


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With the passing of the years, the importance of recording the memories of those who lived through the dark years of the WWII Occupation becomes ever more pressing and, in this CIOS Jersey Review, there are 13 pieces from various contributors some of which are briefly described below:

A Life Remembered’ by Matthew Costard. Michael Ginns MBE was Jersey’s pre-eminent Occupation historian and expert. This article looks back at his life and his many contributions to gaining a more balance understanding of this difficult period of the Island’s history.

‘Concrete in the Frame Competition’ by Tony Pike.  In April 2016 an art of photography competition was held, focussing on Jersey’s rich Occupation heritage and was open to Primary and Secondary school students.  This article includes many of the photographs, including Batterie Lothringen, Strongpoint Butts, Sechschartentutmen entrance and The Kriegmarine MP3 Observation and Radar Tower, St Ouen.

‘The razor fish years’ by Cathy Farnworth. During the occupation Jersey islanders became experimental in their efforts to supplement their meagre diet.  Mum would alter the recipe each time until, long after the war ended perfected the razor fish soup I still enjoy today.

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