Channel Island Occupation Review No. 33

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No 33 (2005) in the series of WW2 Occupation reviews published annually in turn by Jersey and Guernsey.

This edition includes: Short history of Batterie Blucher, Alderney by Trevor Davenport and Terry Gander; Engineering an Escape by Jenny Chamier Grove; German Searchlights in Jersey by Jeremy Hamon; Rev’d Ord’s diary -The Last Months by Rev’d Herbert White BA; Work by German Geologists on the British Isles (Walter Klupfel, Walter Wetzel and Fredrich Rohrer) by Edward P.F. Rose; The German Occupation of the Channel islands as Mirrored in its Postage Stamps; 1940-45 and Post-War by Norbert Sauermilch; Preservation Progress by Paul Burnal and Matthew Costard.

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Channel Island Occupation Society (Jersey)


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