Guernsey through Time



Guernsey is the most western of the Channel Islands, with a proud maritime history spanning many centuries.  Only 25 square miles, the island nevertheless has a great variety of landscapes, from the rugged cliffs in the south to the low-lying dunes in the north.  The ten parishes, each with their own unique community spirit, are home to some 60,000 people.  This grown greatly during the summer as visitors come to experience the island’s quiet, picturesque country lanes and the bustling streets of St Peter Port.

Historically Guernsey people have made their mark not just on the sea but in the thriving stone industries, agriculture and horticulture and in recent years in international banking.  This book explores the fascinating island through the historical photograph collection of the Priaulx library.  Pictures of brick kilns, the last coppersmith, scenes of Vale castle and The Bridge; now and then, give an insight into how Guernsey has changed over time. 

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by Amanda Bennett


Amberley c/o The Guernsey Press Shop


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