Horseshoe Bay


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This autobiographical book follows 93 year old Winifred Rowland’s insightful recollections.  As she entertains us with wisdom, love and humour from humble Manchester squalor, she brings alive her view of history through childhood WWII evacuation to present-day Covid-19 lockdown. Despite scars from haphazard schooling she’s determined to grab an education.  Later, fate whisks her and her eccentric husband to the tiny, scenic, Channel Island of Guernsey, where they raise their children, steps from an idyllic sandy horseshoe bay.

Missing family, she compares her old vibrant post-war city life to new quirky island traditions but soon, sun-baked summers and colourful beach activities overcome her longing and she wonders if it’s possible to reciprocate the kindness and generosity of these islanders.  Jolly jaunts to relatives in Italy and Australia will intrigue and have you trotting all over the globe with Winifred.  An astrological aspect shoots a recurrent warning to her to savour any happiness because it may not last as she discovers when many close relationships prematurely end.  How does she confront her lifelong blight?

Intimate, engaging and moving; this remarkable story of an exceptional and inspirational woman will pique your curiosity and reveal we are not always in control of our destiny.

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by Winifred Rowland with Wendy J Woodcock


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