Victor Hugo’s St Peter Port



Victor Hugo is often portrayed as a lonely figure, isolated on his balcony.  But far from being an introverted recluse, he regularly went to town and enjoyed the company of le noble petit people de Guernsey.

Follow Hugo as he buys pens, ink, paper, pottery, porcelain.  Meet the postmaster who tried to swindle him.  Encounter the hairdresser whose face was eaten by a ‘wolf’.

Visit Picquet House which received an historic telegram message from him.  Enter the church where he witnessed a baptism.  Tread the streets that Hugo knew and immortalised.

This book is intended as a walker’s guide to the town that was home to Victor Hugo and his family.  It is split into seven sections, each being possible to complete by a fit adult in a morning or afternoon.  It is also a compelling anthology of anecdotes and images.

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by Gregory Stevens Cox


Blue Ormer Press


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