Nobbut a Yellerbelly



Wot’s yon lowad on owd kelter? … ‘E looked a reglar mawkin … Ayn’t backards in cummin’ forr’ards … The bees is as fell as owt.

Can people in Lincolnshire really be speaking the English language?

Nobbut a Yellerbelly! Offers a treasure trove of local folk history, a survival guide to the linguistic jungle of the Lincolnshire dialect, and captures the warmth and humour to be found among those who live in the country.  What better opportunity could there be for all yellerbellies and Linkisheer speakers to celebrate their heritage?

Alan Stennett has a lifelong interest in the people and the language of Lincolnshire and is descended from at least four generations of local farmers.  He was one of the team who set up BBC Radio Lincolnshire ad is now a freelance journalist and broadcaster, working from his home in an old railway station.  He is also the author of Lost Railways of Lincolnshire.

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