Sleaford and the Wapentakes of Flaxwell and Aswardhurn



A Reprint of the 1872 edition of Venerable Edward Trollope’s remarkable book on Sleaford and its 58 surrounding parishes. 

150 years ago Trollope first published his book and is has now acquired the status of a rare book however Heritage Lincolnshire through their dedication and desire for the contents of this book to be available for more people.  Trollope was a typical Victorian antiquarian. Born into a Lincolnshire baronet family, he pursued a long and distinguished career in the church, rising from his early days as the curate of Rauceby and rector of Leasingham to become Archdeacon of Stow and (in 1877) Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham.

This book offers a rare view of the Sleaford area in mid-Victorian times, with descriptions and engravings of (now lost) country houses and many churches prior to 19th century restoration. Trollope gives the first comprehensive antiquarian account of the Sleaford area with engravings of archaeological sites and finds, and the earliest known survey of the ancient watercourse known as the Car Dyke.  It is Illustrated with over 90 engravings of the antiquities, landscapes and buildings of Sleaford in 1872. 

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The Venerable Edward Trollope


Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire


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