The Man Who Ate His Boots


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Catherine Wilson, came to Lincoln in 1964 to work for Lincoln City Council as a Museum/Gallery assistant.  In 1986, whilst researching for the bicentenary exhibition of Sir John Franklin’s birth in Spilsby, she realised that although many books had been written about him virtually all were out of print.  She wrote this book in the hope it would serve to let his story be better known and acknowledged especially in his native county.

John Franklin went to sea as a lad of fourteen and from then until his death in the Arctic at the age of 61, he led an action-packed life in many different parts of the world.  Although in one sense Franklin’s life was a failure ? he never did actually sail through the North West Passage ? in every other sense it was a life of high achievement.  His courage, determination, devotion to God and concern for his fellow men have hardly been equalled in the history of the Navy and he is certainly one of the greatest explorers and sons of Lincolnshire. 

NB. The remaining copies available are not in perfect condition (being some 17 years since they were printed) hence the low price.

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by Catherine M Wilson


Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire


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