Fred Panton: Man on a Mission



From being born in a farm labourer’s cottage, to owning a highly successful poultry business, Fred Panton has always been a determined man.

His story describes not only how Fred, his father and brother Harold built their business but Fred’s true mission, to find the surviving crew of the Halifax bomber in which his older brother, Chris, had been shot down over Nuremburg was to discover, first hand, just what had happened.

It was after many years and a series of disappointments, that Fred and Harold, finally managed to buy a Lancaster bomber ? and the airfield from which so many Lancasters used to fly ? so began the birth of The Aviation Heritage Centre, an extraordinary museum which commemorates, not only Pilot Officer Christopher Panton, but all the Lancaster crews who lost their lives in World War II.

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by Fred Panton


Propagator Press


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