Channel Island Occupation Review No. 41 (2013)


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With the passing of the years, the importance of recording the memories of those who lived through the dark years of the WWII Occupation becomes ever more pressing and, in this CIOS Jersey Review there are 11 pieces from various contributors some of which are briefly described below:

‘The Swaztika Campaign’ by Colin Isherwood.  This article looks at the place and meaning of various Swastikas found across Jersey both before and after Liberation. One evening in mid-February 1945 a couple of youths painted a Swastika on the home of girlfriend of a Kriegsmarine officer and so triggered a most bizarre event.  During the night two Kriegsmarine officers and a from Pioneer Battalion 319 gave orders to two units of men to paint Swastikas on other houses and buildings in the area.  However, they did not use paint but flame-thrower fuel which is quick drying and once dry, sets like enamel.

‘Saint Barbara Cartoon Book’ by Maximilian Fugen. The Fortress status of the Channel Islands held until the end of the war made the military branch of the artillery most important.  The artillery men held an annual celebration on 4th December which was Saint Barbara Day.

Inside the St Brelade Hotel guest book can be seen at least two entries about these celebrations in 1942 and 1943. Besides an artful painting we find the units that took part and the signatures of the celebration guests.  A special form of these reviews was a cartoon book which was made for the guests.  The fact that Lieutenant Horst Fugen’s survived the war is a great source not just for the special circumstances of the occupation but for the kind of humour of those days.


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