Admiral of New England – Captain John Smith and the American Dream



Follow the second half of Captain John Smith’s life, from his leaving Jamestown, his exploration of New England and his meeting again with Pocahontas (A child of the Algonquian and fore-runner to the Disney character) in London.  The city of London in the early 1600s was rife with dysentery, smallpox, typhoid and The Plague mainly due to the appalling sanitation, raw sewage and litter tipped into the streets and the close proximity of so many houses and people.  We look at Smith’s writings about America and his promotion of the idea of self-governing colonies.  Our school is a Science Specialist School and our story is set in the context of the science and medicine of the time.

This book is the second in the American Roots in English Soil (ARIES) series to be written with schools.  The project helps school and communities in the East of England to research their links with early American history.  John Haden is a writer, lecturer and independent adviser to schools, and a former headteacher.

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by John Haden & Y7 students of King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth


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