Grantham an Industrial Heritage Trail



Grantham has a rich industrial past – from malting and brewing to machine making and engineering.  Richard Hornsby took the name of the town across the world and many other companies in the 19th and 20th centuries added to Grantham’s prosperity and importance.

Much of the town’s industrial past has been swept away by modern development but this street by street guide identifies the many buildings and structures which remain and brings the reader face to face with Grantham’s impressive industrial heritage.

This trail, excluding detours to Barrowby and Gonerby Hill Foot is about 6 miles and will take approximately 2 ½ hours on foot.  It is divided into 11 sections, each with a map of the route and principal points of interest.  Existing buildings of interest are marked as are features that have disappeared.

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Peter Stevenson, maps by Ken Redmore


The Society of Lincolnshire History and Archaeology


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