Horus the Peregrine Falcon: Catch the Pigeon


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An ideal story to introduce children to the peregrine falcon through storytelling, giving them an image (along with much history) of this amazing bird whilst following mum and dad Peregrine raising a family in London. Explaining how falcons were worshipped through history, from Ancient Egypt some 5000 years ago to the Greeks and Romans and are a protected species even today.

Derek Ratcliffe was the most significant British nature conservationist of the 20th century.  He realised that many chemicals used in farming were destroying the egg shells of wild birds and wrote a book called The Peregrine Falcon. There are other books in this series such as Gowk the Cuckoo which may be available from this site soon.

The sponsors of this book – Falcon Cranes actually worked on the erection of a peregrine nesting box on Battersea power station. With their cranes they hauled the nest box into position for the birds to use, and it has been used every year since.

First published by Langford Press.

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by John Miles, Artwork by Barry Robson.




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