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Quizzing is at a peak right now and this is a QUIZ OF THE WORLD, with 20 varied and interesting questions on the current 197 countries and sovereign states, giving you over 3,900 questions!

Do you know who was the first European to reach Honduras? What is the currency of Brazil? Which continent do the majority of people living on Barbados claim to be descended from? What is the name of Amsterdam’s airport?  There are questions from Liberia to Japan, Argentina to Zimbabwe, United Kingdom to Guinea and everywhere in between.

World travel has been very risky recently because of the Covid-19 Crisis, so I thought that you might appreciate the chance to travel round the world in a rather different way. There are hints to assist in answering the more difficult questions and this book will give a big boost to family quiz nights, pub quiz leagues and quiz clubs in general. I hope that it will prove both educational and entertaining.

Author, Richard Anderson is a former Modern Languages teacher of Boston Grammar School in Boston, Lincolnshire and has organised quiz clubs and tournaments for over 50 years.  He is a member of two successful pub quiz teams and has appeared as a contestant on Channel 4’s popular quiz show ‘Fifteen to One’.  His friend and ex-colleague, Ron Abbott has kindly co-edited the book.

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