Bartholomew Gosnold of Otley and America


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Whose planning led to the first permanent English settlement in America? Follow the life of Bartholomew Gosnold, from his home in Otley, Suffolk, through his time in Cambridge and the Middle Temple, his adventures as a privateer, his voyage to Norumbega and his key role as the ‘prime mover’ of the Jamestown colony.

… ‘Capt. B Gosnold paced across the deck of his ship, four strides one way and four back as the Godspeed lay at anchor at Blackwall Reach … Earlier that month of December 1616, the Susan Constant, with Captain Newport in command had swung into the path of another vessel coming up the congested waterway and damage had been done.  Gosnold could not afford such damage’ …

This book is the sixth in the American Roots in English Soil (ARIES) series to be written with schools.  The project helps school and communities in the East of England to research their links with early American history.  John Haden is a writer, lecturer and independent adviser to schools, and a former headteacher.

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by John Haden & Y7 students of Woodbridge School, Suffolk


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