The Knights Templar in Kesteven



In the aftermath of the First Crusade 1096-1099,  which led to the capture of Jerusalem, the Christians’ decided there was a continuing need to protect Pilgrims from Saracen attacks hence the formation of these Templars.  Originally known by a Latin name translated as ‘The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon’.  Knights Templars were of knightly lineage whose commitment was to protect pilgrims and defend the Holy Land. 

This 32 page booklet looks at the history of these Christian Templars in Kesteven, Lincolnshire and studies the order from inception to the final dissolution of the monasteries around 1540.  With a map showing the sites of Templar properties and detailed studies of Temple Bruer (felt to have been the second most wealthy preceptory in England), Eagle Hall, East Mere and South Witham.

First published by North Kesteven District Council in 1990.  Republished by Heritage Lincolnshire 2009.


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Dennis Mills


Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire


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