The Silent War



Frank Falla was a journalist in Guernsey during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands.  By day, he worked on a local newspaper, fighting with the German censor. By night, like many other islanders, he defied the enemy.

After radios were confiscated in 1942, Frank recruited into the Guernsey Underground New Service (GUNS), bringing BBC news to other islanders, including the Bailiff.  This dangerous work carried severe penalties.  In 1944, after being betrayed by an informant, Frank and his GUNS friends were deported to Nazi prisons, where they were ill-treated and carried out forced labour.

On his return to the island, Frank became a champion for victims of Nazism and helped fellow islanders get compensation for persecution.  Only in 2017 – exactly 50 years after the Silent War was first published – was a blue plaque to those involved in GUNS finally unveiled in Guernsey.

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by Frank Falla


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