Guernsey in the Reign of Charles II


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This is the first modern study of Guernsey under the restored monarchy of Charles II. It is based on extensive research in archives in Guernsey and England and presents, for the first time, a coherent narrative of events, filling a gap in current historical literature.

Major themes in the book include the imposition in the face of popular resistance of the liturgy of the Church of England, disputes over the powers of the Governor of the Island, division between leading members of the island’s administration (a legacy of divisions during the civil war) and the eventual confirmation by the Crown of the island’s customs, laws and privileges. The narrative is illuminated by information from the surviving private correspondence of key figures such as the Bailiff, Amice Andros, and the Dean, Jean de Sausmarez.  The letters provide unusually rich evidence of the aspirations and anxieties underlying the divisions between the leading office-holders in the island and help us understand the relationship between the islanders and the King’s government.

Author, Richard Hocart – a Guernseyman, has written several books on aspects of island history including The Country People of Guernsey and their Agriculture, 1640-1840.

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By Richard Hocart


Richard Hocart


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