Clay Tobacco Pipes from Excavations in Lincoln 1970-74


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The study of clay pipes has proved increasingly valuable to the archaeologist since the 1950s. A common find in the excavation of post-medieval deposits, and often occurring more frequently than other closely datable finds such as coins, clay pipes also possess the advantage of being more precisely dated then most ceramics. A general topology for bowls has been worked out, but more recent studies have shown that distinctive regional styles developing in different parts of the country at much the same time require detailed analysis.  Studies of the products of individual towns and areas have been undertaken, in particular of Bristol, Plymouth, Nottingham, London, Broseley and North-East England.

This report aims to throw some light on the development of a distinctively local Lincolnshire style, and on the general development of the industry in the city of Lincoln itself.

The pipes recovered during excavations in Lincoln between 1970-74 are here presented; most of the material is illustrated, providing some idea of the growth of the local style.  Variations on known 19th century styles and come completely new themes have been found, and the discovery of a previously unsuspected kiln is described.  It is hoped that this will both stimulate and provide information as a basis for future research.    

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by Jenny E Mann




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