Grammar School Boy – A Lincolnshire Education

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In these recollections, Ronald J Hill recounts his early years as a railwayman’s son, the struggles of his family in the austerity years after World War II and the formative influences of those who shaped his mind.  He remembers his teachers, hobbies and other pursuits, his first pair of glasses, a stay in hospital, pop music, games such as skiffle, I-spy, Scouts, pen-pals and holiday jobs on farms and factories.

This memoir of one of the ‘lucky’ generation will evoke nostalgic memories amongst the older readers and perhaps surprise youngsters of today who do not see ‘education’ as the life-changing experience it ought to be.

Ronald J Hill, a Fellow Emeritus of Trinity College, Dublin, retired in 2007 from the position of Professor of Comparative Government.  Born in 1943, he grew up in Lincolnshire, attending school; first in the village of Barnetby-le-Wold, then Immingham.  From 1954-61 he attended Barton-on-Humber Grammar school, then Leeds and Essex universities gaining a Master’s degree in Political Behaviour and a Ph.D. in Comparative studies. 

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by Ronald J Hill


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