The Catholic Church in Boston



History of Boston Series. No. 15 – Published in 1977.  This is a First Edition.

Legend has it that Christianity came to Boston before there was even a town here. A good and holy Saxon gentleman, Botolph, born in the seventh century, decided in about his fortieth year to retire from his life of study and commerce and obtained permission from King Ethelmund of East Anglia to establish a monastery.  It was also believed that the name Boston was derived from St Botolph’s Town, though there is no evidence to support this.

The first Catholic priest to reside in Boston and give mass was Fr Bernard Addis S.J. from 1825-1828.  With no existing premises, he built the presbytery (with his own money) that still stands in Horncastle Road today and it was from here that he gave mass until the Church built the brick building of St Mary’s next door. 

Martin Middlebrook, author, was born in Boston in 1932.  He became the youngest Mayor of Boston in 1966.  His career as an author began in 1971 with the publication of The First Day on the Somme, the first of his ‘Men at War’ trilogy.  He also wrote Boston at War (no. 12 in the History of Boston Series).

Please note this book is now rare, and though shows the markings of age, it is brand new and all pages are in very good condition.

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by Martin Middlebrook


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