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Richard Allday has spent almost the whole of his professional life in general practice in Boston, Lincolnshire (where he was born).  He has always had reservations regarding the wisdom of having a medical service divorced from the hard financial realities of life.  Whilst he has no doubts regarding the apparent benefits of ‘free medicine’ to both patients and providers, he believes that a quite false sense of security has been engendered and many people misled into the false belief that health can be provided rather than that it is something which they can achieve. 

Whilst Dr Allday does not believe he knows the answer: he emphatically believes that no one else does either and that the only way to a satisfactory long term solution lies in establishing a proper framework within which the best service can develop according to ever changing but real needs rather than having a service which is constructed to meet the presumed needs of people, according to someone else’s interpretation of what those needs ought to be.

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