My First Guernesiais Word Book


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The easiest start to learning a new (or old) language is to begin by recognising some of the most ‘everyday’ words and numbers.  Here we have a beautifully illustrated bilingual book containing over 200 such words in English with the Guernsey French, also known as Patois or Guernesiais alongside.  It has been translated by Yan Marquis with the cover designed by Fiona Hajee.

Young children will enjoy browsing the book, looking at the attractive pictures and reading/saying the words.  In the back of the book there is an alphabetical list of all the Guernesiais words in this book along with a guide of how to say each word and general hints about Guernesiais pronunciation.

This makes an ideal gift for children or for anyone wishing to practise the language.  Visit for more help with pronunciation and to learn more Guernesiais.

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Translated by Yan Marquis


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