For Better For Worse


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For Better For Worse is the second of the Everton (Little Will) trilogy, written by his grandson, Peter Gaston, continuing the biography through the end of the nineteenth century and into the Edwardian era.  After Clink Carrot’s death, in India, Little Will has no real friends his own age but Polly, whom he later marries, comes in to the story as the ‘ward’ of the Fletchers when she is orphaned.

Virtually all this volume takes place in Lincoln or Welton, some five miles north of the city, where the first two of Little Will’s children are born. 

The first volume, Little Will and Clink Carrot is currently out of print but available in paperback on 26th January 2017. The third book in this trilogy is now available through this site, titled ‘Old Mens Dreams, Young Men’s Visions’.

An introductory offer of just under 20% discount is available (for those who choose to buy the whole trilogy at once) before 14th February 2017

Priced at £30.95 (saving 8.00)  SEE “LITTLE WILL TRILOGY”

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