Larks in the Lincolnshire Marsh



Polly Williams is the pen-name of Pauline Robinson who was well known as ‘The Spinning Lady’.  This is an easily readable, very funny at times, account of her life from just before her marriage until the 1990s.  Life in The Marsh – between Louth and the sea – in the years following the Second World War with few amenities was a far cry from a comfortable introduction to married life for a genteel ‘gel’.

Pauline is married with a son and a daughter and has four grandchildren.  With her husband, John, she keeps a small flock of sheep.  For a number of years she has taught weaving and spinning and now writes on a variety of subjects in her spare time.  As a consequence of this she has become well known, both here and abroad and is widely travelled.

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Polly Williams


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