Churches, Chapels and the Parish Communities of Lincolnshire 1660-1900



Parish communities were at the centre of the considerable changes that took place in religious life in England between 1660 and 1900. The development of Protestant Dissent and Evangelical Revival, with the rise of Methodism, all challenged old structures. The Church of England was transformed through institutions and the development of new patterns of worship. There was also considerable change in the affairs of the Roman Catholic Church.

The ways in which the people of Lincolnshire not only responded to but also shaped the course of these changes, is the main theme of this book. It seeks to understand developments in religious life during the period through an exploration of its place in the lives of local communities of the County.

About the author: Rod Ambler (at the time of publication) was a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Hull. He has written a number of papers on the social and religious history of local communities, especially in north Lincolnshire, where for many years he worked as adult education tutor.

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R W Ambler


The Society of Lincolnshire History and Archaeology


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