And the Rest is Cookery



A Charity book of recipes and inspiration from the best selling series ‘The Chronicles of St Mary’s’ with a foreword by Jodi Taylor.

 All proceeds go to Jodi’s Children’s Cancer Charities.

Created by Sara Robinson, Afton Cochran, Merry Schepers, Barb Ruddle and Sara McKenna with illustrations by Rachel Garstang Penman.

Welcome to the Institute of Historical Research at St Mary’s Priory, where the madcap, deeply flawed and truly loveable team explore history in contemporary time but please don’t, under any circumstances, call it ‘time travel’. This book is a manual for the brave kitchen crew to keep things running smoothly at St Mary’s because, let’s face it, our mild-mannered historians need all the help they can get!

It will guide the newest recruit, as well as the seasoned kitchen veteran through all the best recipes at St Mary’s.  Each chapter features easy to follow recipes that span a variety of skills including historical tips, a variety of ingredients and even includes vegetable.  More seriously there are plenty of biscuits, cakes, chocolate, Ta-da! Doughnuts and, of course, tea.

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